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Bulimia, also known by it's more technical term Bulimia Nervosa, is an eating disorder characterised by a pattern of repeated binge eating where a person feels a lack of control of their behaviour. People with bulimia also engage in behaviour which they hope will reduce weight gain, such as: vomiting, overuse of laxatives, fasting from food, excessive exercise, etc.


A large number of studies have now demonstrated that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is often an effective treatment for bulimia. As the name suggests, CBT involves teaching people with bulimia techniques to alter their thoughts and behaviour. This assists them in breaking the cycle of the disorder and overcome associated emotional problems.


In our practice (Peter J. Allen & Associates) there is currently one Clinical Psychologists, Suzanne Dang, who has experience in in the treatment of bulimia. In addition to bulimia, Suzanne has experience in treating Binge Eating Disorder, a separate eating disorder with some the features of bulimia nervosa. Suzanne works from Concord and Hurstville. For details about Medicare rebates and how to make an appointment with Suzanne click on the “Treatment in Sydney” link below.



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