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One of the Clinical Psychologists in our practice (Peter J. Allen & Associates) Suzanne Dang, id the most experienced of our team in the treatment of bulimia and eating disorders.


As Suzanne is an accredited Clinical Psychologist, Medicare rebates of $119.80 per visit for up to 12 visits per year are available for people referred by a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan (or with a referral from a psychiatrist or paediatrician).


Suzanne sees clients at both Concord and Hurstville. To make an appointment to see Suzanne at either location please call our central bookings number on: 02 9621 7775. (Suzanne has recently moved to her own practice at Burwood. For details go to www.suzannedang.com.au)



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Important Note: The information on this page is general in nature and should not be relied on as medical advice. You should consult a clinical psychologist or other health care professional for advice on the nature and treatment of your problems.


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